Need to update

Happy new year to all the few of you.

I don’t really procrastinate, I’m in fact really busy because of a design/sewing/styling project (i’m making costumes for a little movie). So, I’ve done a lot of things recently, i just can’t show you.

And for the vest project I’ve made a few months ago and that i did’nt show yet, it’s because of the pictures I’ve taken. Because there are pictures but I don’t want to publish them here. Thing is, I’ve make myself a swimming suit to train -because it seems that in november, it is impossible to buy a decent swimming suit- and well, the pictures contain both (the coat and the swimming suit). Since I am not an exhibitionnist, when i’ll have more time to myself, I’ll take more pictures of it.

By the way, I don’t make resolutions for new year.

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