MY Bible

For some, the ultimate Bible is Vogue. For others it is Harper’s Bazaar, W or L’Officiel.

For me, the perfect, ultimate magazine is… Burda Style.

I know, talking about the latest trends, months in advance is not their niche. But talking about actual trends you can sew yourself, with simple but effective editorials to support it? Yeah, you got me at 100% with that.

Of course, I also read Vogue and a lot of others (in fact I subscribed to 4 magazines and I buy periodically some others) and each day, I surf on the Internet, desperatly looking for a new fashion thing I haven’t seen yet.

But overall, the magazine I enjoy the most to read is my Burda one. The excitment of seeing beautiful new sewing patterns and thinking about what kind of fabric I would like to make it is a pure pleasure.

In the last one I purchased, there was a BIG surprise.

Karl Lagerfeld himself, provide the magazine, 2 of his own patterns’ creation.


Even if I like pretty much the jacket, the style is too difficult to wear, according to my style, in an everyday situation (considering I am a student).

On the other side, the skirt is very cute. Even if I don’t wear skirts very much when the weather gets cold, I think it would be perfect for the Holidays.

So, who said that you can’t find couture in Burda Style?

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